Why Bonapart Resolution?

Many people call themselves mediators.  Few have the training, experience, and temperament to be effective.  Barri Kaplan Bonapart, a seasoned neutral, has what it takes to help bring closure to even the most difficult disputes. 

Drawing upon her in-depth training and almost three decades of experience, Ms. Bonapart utilizes a flexibile approach, custom tailored for each matter.  Her people skills and intuitive nature allow parties to feel heard and validated, often a key to unlocking resolution. 

Due to her broad background in both the defense and prosecution of claims on behalf of individuals and large corporations, Ms. Bonapart is uniquely equipped to help resolve a variety of disputes.  She specializes in matters concerning tree and neighbor law, real estate, and complex commercial disputes as well as any matter where volatile emotions are at play.  “Practical Solutions For An Impractical World” is not just a slogan; it is a promise to partner with you in crafting solutions that are both pragmatic and lasting.

Ms. Bonapart is available to assist you in Northern and Southern California through ADR Services, Inc., a statewide provider of dispute resolution services with an outstanding reputation for offering excellent customer service that is both affordable and efficient.  

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